Neighbors Complain About Loud Noise - Then They Set Up Spy Cam And Discover Dog’s Hidden Talent

Cute. Fluffy. Furry. Slobbering. Active. Caring. Loud. Cuddly.

All of those words are used to describe just one creature. One creature that we have not only gotten accustomed to, but also loved.

These creatures are known as dogs. Known for centuries as man's best friend, these furry little (depends on the breed!) critters have been our companions for centuries, maybe even millenniums. Archaeologists have even discovered cave paintings that show a man and a dog walking side by side.

There have been many stories throughout the years that show just how loyal dogs are to their owners. From Japan, we have Hachiko, the Shiba Inu that waited at a train station for years for his master to come home. In Italy, there was Fido, the dog who showed unwavering loyalty by waiting at the same bus station for years for his beloved master to return to his side. And in Argentina, Capitan, a dog who chose to run away from the comforts of his home because he had learned his beloved master had passed away. When his current owners looked for him, they found Capitan on top of his master's grave; the strangest part was that the dog found the grave on his own.

Aside from their loyalty, dogs are also known for their hidden talents. Many shows and pageants are held so that dogs can show their hidden talents, like fetching, running or tricks that their respective masters taught them. Pageants are also held so that owners can brag about how eye catching their dogs are.

But one particular dog's hidden talent definitely caught his owners unawares. This particular dog, whose talent went hidden for quite some time, was lovingly named Tucker.

One day, Tucker's owners got complaints from their neighbors that whenever they would get out of their house, the neighbors would hear strange sounds coming from their house.

This obviously got the attention of Tucker's owners. So one day they thought to get to the bottom of this mystery.

To do this, they installed a hidden camera to know what exactly was causing the strange noise their neighbors were complaining about.

What the camera managed to capture was their beloved dog's hidden talent; apparently the dog had the ability to play the piano on his own!

Not only that, he also sings out his own melody with his playing!

Watch the video below to see for yourself the footage of Tucker's amazing hidden talent!

No matter what shape, size, and color they come in, dogs are amazing animals. They have weathered through many obstacles just to prove how much they care for their respective owners.

Some have even shown great joy when they finally see their masters who have been away for a long time.

So if you're not particularly afraid of dogs, or if your parents do not forbid you from having pets, why not adopt a dog of your own? Whether it be a stray or a pure breed, it really doesn't matter.

Who knows, your new fluffy friend might even have a hidden talent of his own!