Mom’s Son Learns How To Tie His Laces In One Try Thanks To Her Genius Hack

Most of the kids depend on their parents most of the time, and that is totally normal, they’re kids, right? But grown up children who remain overly dependent on their parents will create fixing problems which interferes with their growth and responsibility. So it is important for a parent to teach their kids while they are still young so they can become responsible and independent. At the same time, the adult child needs to set his/her own goals and plans to become self-reliant.

So if you have a child, you understand how things work out and the struggles of trying and being patient to teach your children to perform a certain task, just like the Mom in this video. Tying your shoe laces can be difficult to kids especially when they are not used to it. But this mom finds a genius way to help her kid learn how to tie his shoes just before going to school.

She took a video while her son picked up the trick in just one try, that is tying his shoes all by himself. Amazing!

Watch the video below and ask yourself. Do you think your kids could be able to tie shoe laces as quickly as this? Or do you have any other ways or hacks to teach your kids? Share this story on Facebook.


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