Kid Refuses To Let His Mom Get Married! His Reason Is Undeniably Cute

Curiosity has been a kid’s response towards things. They mostly speak what their mind thinks about. Kids have been one of the most honest people in the world. It’s relieving seeing kids and how far their curiosity takes them over something. It might be a new toy, new furniture, stranger to him or even just events. They are definitely so cute when they start talking about things like they mean it. Just like any kid, this four-year-old child truly defines a one’s perspective over things in this world.

Every couple gets married and before getting married, most of the guys have to propose to the girl before being united as one. Ian, Jasmin’s new fiancé, has just amazingly arranged an engagement proposal to her. He bought a ring for her and flower petals were all over the place. This momentous event was a first to Asher and that lead him to unexpectedly ask his mom what everything was about. He started asking with what’s with the box, the ring and almost everything about engagement.

Everything was caught on the camera and as Asher started off with his curiosity over the recent event it also started to melt everyone’s hearts. Asher’s questions and comments just came in a burst. He started with what was the box for? Then his mom answered it was for the ring. Then came in the long conversation about what the ring was for. Both laughed at Asher’s curiosity and comments about every little bit of it. His mom showed off her ring and surprisingly, Asher tried to pull it off. His mom then tried to stop him and told him that he can’t took it off. She then started to explain what the ring was for and what engagement is. Asher adorably began to ask and comment like, “You have to keep it on all night?” The couple burst into laughter as Jasmin continued to explain what it was for. He asked why she have to keep it on even when she sleeps, if she will still wear it in the pool. When Jasmin said why she has the ring, “It means before you get married.” Asher started to defend how he loves his mommy.

Seeing him so protective on his mother and how he loves Jasmin so much is just so priceless. As how the video goes, it shows that Asher is really a mama’s boy. Everything turned out to be so cute, starting with how he was curious about the whole engagement and ring thing, up to how far he could defend and prove how much he loves his mom. He might have not clearly understood what the whole thing was or he just obviously love his mom so much that he won’t let anyone love for his mom be more than his love for his mother.

Kids might never get to understand things at their age. But their unending care and love for their parents are truly immeasurable and sincere. May we be like the kids as curious and at the same time be as loving as we could be.