Family And Dog Are Pinned Inside Sinking Truck. Brave Bystanders Quickly Come To Their Rescue.

There's nothing more exciting when you are traveling with your friends or family. It's also the best feeling seeing the scenery of the places while driving your car, and of course, some parts might be exhausting but you won't get bored when you also singing and enjoying the moment with your friends.

I love to travel, I always book a flight every year  and I love seeing the beach and mountains, it makes me feel more calm and relaxed. Some people also love to travel solo because they want to learn how to push themselves in different situations, like meeting new people etc.

Mary Watkins, 80 years old, was traveling to Alamitos Bay Marina in Long Branch, California, USA, to spend time with her son Larry,and their dog chihuahua cantinflas on water by a boat. Since Larry just recently had a foot surgery, the family decided to have a picnic and get some fresh air. Little did they know they will going experience unfortunate events.

Larry's medical boot got stuck in the vehicle gas pedal making the car uncontrollable. The car smashed the guardrail and fell into the water. But good Samaritans who saw the incident immediately responded. They immediately jumped into the water, not just one person but lots of them rescued the mother, the son and the dog. It must be a very traumatic experience of being almost drowned in a deep water. But luckily, these people responded very quickly to save them.

One of the rescuers named, Jeff Perez said,  “And no sooner did I hop in the water, the lifeguard captain was handing over the older lady to me,” he told CBS Los Angeles. 

Since Mary is 80 years old, the bystanders took her out of the water very carefully and they didn't even messed up her hair nor make-up, according to her. It was an amazing act of kindness from the strangers and we hoped that there are still people out there who are willing to extend their hands to help.

Watch the actual footage of the incident and how good Samaritans reacted quickly: