Dying Twin Holds onto Unborn Sister's Hand in Sonogram Picture

Britanni and Ian Mcintire are parents of two twin girls and after few years, they received wonderful news again, Britanni was pregnant though it wasn’t planned, but for them it is a blessing and a gift they received.

The couple went to their first sonogram, and found out she was pregnant with twins again. It was overwhelming for both parents to have another twin. So they double the baby care again. They regularly visit for check-up eager to see their unborn babies Mason and Madilyn. But then they were hit with more shocking news. This time, it was heartbreaking.

The doctors reported that Mason was not developing at a normal pace, Compared to Madilyn who weighed two pounds, Mason was tiny about nine ounces.

The doctors also found out that Mason had a hole in his heart and an abnormal brain.

The parents were told to prepare for the worst. They would probably go home with only one twin. Mason was not likely to survive the ordeal of child birth.

After going through all the necessary tests, they stopped at the facility for one last ultrasound. That’s when they saw something that broke their hearts.

During the sonogram, the ultrasound technician noticed something that would set everyone’s heart racing.

Madilyn and Mason was holding each other’s hand, they broke down into tears while watching the ultrasound.

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