Dad Sings For Deaf Son. He Starts Sobbing When He Look Into Boy’s Eyes.

Every song has it's own genre. Some people love to listen music because it changes your mood, the beats and the sounds when you get too excited or a relaxing music when you want to concentrate.  But when you listen closely to each of the songs, you will get to know the meaning behind it. If you will ask me what kind of genre I would love to listen, I would choose country music. For me it is so relaxing, whether I work or just chill, these country music never gets me bored.

Same with this dad, Zach Oxendine, who has a son named Judah who was born very prematurely at only 23 weeks, weighing one pound and eight ounces. He was suffering from lung disease, cerebral palsy and is a deaf, since he was born.

As a parent, it makes their hearts broken into pieces knowing that their son is suffering with these illnesses. Every parent's dream is seeing their children growing up and become normal. But they are very brave and are willing to do anything to make their son happy. Zach loves to sing his favorite country music  “Boy” by Lee Brice and his son is so responsive to his dad's actions. Though he may not be able to listen to his dad's voice, but he understands the meaning, picking up on dad’s emotions and feeling his love. That made his dad cried in tears, not just once but full of crying.

His wife Linda, immediately took a video of their father and son bonding, making Zach gets embarrassed while crying. His son look into his eyes smiling and made everyone's heart melting.

This video is so touching, and I am sure you will get touched too.
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