Big Brother Gets Emotional As He Sings Touching Lullaby To His Preemie Sister

One of the hardest moments in your life being a parent is seeing your own children struggling as a baby. Just like what happened to one family who went through a lot, their baby Ellis was born prematurely and almost didn't survive. Ellis had a big brother Kashton who at just 4 years old. Kashton lay down beside her baby sister and started singing a sweet lullaby that turned into something emotional.

His mother noticed  there were tears in his eyes and asked, " What's wrong with your eyes?"

The boy responded, " I'm crying, cuz it's good."

The the little boy repeatedly said while watching his sister, “I’m crying ‘cuz it’s good. It’s so beautiful, like this, with Ellis.”

Her mom gets emotional that started crying too.

She decided to post it on Facebook sharing this emotional moment of her children's love.

She posted the video with this caption:

“Although I selfishly keep beautiful moments like this off of Facebook and cherish them privately, today I accidentally captured one of the most amazing moments on video. I don’t just see a big brother loving his baby sister, I see the *beauty* of our story he refers to. To know my 4-year-old is able to feel deep emotion was breathtaking. His love and thankfulness for Ellis were almost palpable. This can only be described as true love…”

“She was born without a heartbeat. As they worked to resuscitate her, my heart stopped, and I slipped into a coma. 3 days later I woke up and met my tiny fighter. Ellis spent 2 long months in the NICU fighting for her life. Kashton, her big brother, was only allowed to see her once in the beginning when we weren’t sure if she would survive, and then once at the end of her stay when we knew she was coming home.”

“I feel like my son was overcome with emotion because he could finally lay next to his baby sister and hold her hand. He had witnessed so much in those two months between myself and his sister. I can only imagine this was a moment of sweet relief that we were all together again.”

Watch this beautiful moment of a brother's love to his baby sister.

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