Amazing Rescue! Watch Rosalie Transform From a Walking Skeleton to Happy, Healthy Dog

One evening, a volunteer saw two men carrying something out from the truck in front of the animal shelter . The volunteer was curious and went to check it but was shocked to find out it was a dog, a very sick dog left in the corner of the cage, planning to get rid of her.

A shelter volunteer caught them red handed. As they were asked why they did that, they explained that they no longer need the dog as the factory was closing. Rosalie was a factory dog for 4 years and they are getting rid of her as they could no longer take care of her.

The dog was in a bad shape, and her body was naked as skeleton, her skin is purple and has wounds all over her body.

screen captured from YouTube

screen captured from YouTube

screen captured from YouTube

This was the “care” of the owners at the factory as they kept her as a guard dog for 4 years.

Rosalie, where she was kept as a guard dog was purely 4 years of neglect, abandonment and abuse.

Rosalie was taken at the clinic of the shelter because her health is very fragile. 

Animals don't deserve to be neglected and treated this way. Thanks to these people,  Rosalie will not suffer anymore.

Watch the video below to see the transformation of Rosalie that will surely melts your heart.