Adorable Twin Babies Have A Deep Connection, But Even Mom Left Flabbergasted At This Footage

Twins are super adorable. They have the almost or the same faces, other physical features and you may have heard that they are sync.

If you have watched a movie where twins are the lead characters, you can see some scenes wherein the other one feels uncomfortable if the other one is trouble. But though not all twins are sync, they do have have their moments. This is what you will see in this video.

This is a short 22 second video. The twin babies are months old standing on the crib while their mom took the video. They are standing, playing and hitting while wearing their pink matching onesies.

But later on the video, you will see a sudden change that will surely leave you to laughter.

They started tapping together and lately sneeze at the same time. It was super cute and adorable that made the video viral. 

Their mom tell her daughters, “You guys sneezed at the same time” while giggling at the adorable moment. The twins just stared at her so innocently that made it again really funny. I am even curious what would be their reaction if they will be able to see this video in the future.

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