90-Year-Old Widow Faces $2500 Daily Fine, Walks Outside To See Strangers Changing Her Property

90 year old Agnes has lived a full life. But at this age, it can be hard to move around. With all of her money spent on medication, she couldn't afford the amenities that a woman her needs. Without any help, her house had fallen into a state of decay. To make matters worse, her relatives started using her house as a dump site for their excess belongings. And to put the icing on this junk-covered cake, she had a filthy old trailer on her yard that she had wanted to get rid of for years.

So when neighbors started complaining about the junk scattered across her yard, she was faced with a problem. The city decided to make Agnes pay $2500 daily if she did not clean up her house and property.

Since she was already very old, it proved impossible to clean her home herself, and with her husband's passing, she had no one else to turn to. Even so, this remarkable old woman took it upon herself to find a solution.

She contacted a non-profit organization called Operation Blessing, a group that specializes in providing assistance to those in need, giving aid to children and senior citizens as well as handicapped people.  She told them of her predicament and asked them for help in cleaning her yard and to get rid of the old dilapidated trailer, as well as to do minor repairs to her house. The association agreed, but the story doesn't end there.

When Agnes was told that the job was finished, she took a step outside to see something truly amazing. Other volunteers aside from those from Operation Blessing started to show up, and they began to help rehabilitate Agnes' home. In addition to cleaning her yard, they even made a stone path that led from the front yard to the back yard. They also cultivated a garden so that Agnes could spend her days walking amongst the beautiful plants and flowers.

When the volunteers found out that Agnes spent her summer nights alone and with no way to cool herself, they bought her a brand new air conditioner.

Watch these good Samaritans take some time of their own lives to help an old woman in need, and share this to your friends to spread the kindness!


  1. Kindness, compassion, this is what life is all about it is what Christ wants us all to learn here and live. Amazing story , so many need help

  2. So many times I have to say that it's heartbreaking but I'm outraged to the point of when does something like this isn't actually the elderly and take notice of the problem at hand and look for the realities of those dumping the trash can be the one who is responsible!

  3. That's why while still young and active,,show kindness to old people and be friendly and compassionate toward others,so that when time comes that we grow older then we also can benefit kindness and compassion..

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