80-Year-Old Grandma Catches Everyone’s Attention!

Old, wrinkled and slow. Grandparents are usually seen this way that grandchildren defines them as boring. They always seek for safety than to test and try new things that makes children describe them as not fun to be with after all. These things are totally the opposite for an 80-year old grandma who still lives her life to the fullest. Age is definitely just a number for her as she slides down the waterslide than just dipping in the waist-deep pool. Enjoying every moment with no fear and hesitation. She is the perfect example that go against every kid’s stereotyping. The concrete proof that no matter how old one is, the fun and adventure never stops.

It all started one hot summer day, when grandma and grandpa went to the waterpark together with their granddaughter. The youngest among the three thought of something adventurous. Her granddaughter insisted on climbing the waterslide than just dipping their toes in the pool. This was something beyond what the two grandparents have planned before going to the waterpark. Surprisingly without second thought, grandma joined her granddaughter to the top of the waterslide while grandpa waited at the end of the slide. She sits down in the loading dock as her granddaughter sets her up ready for take-off as she gets herself ready without holding on the sides of the slide. She started with a “Weeee!” and was filled with laughing after. She glides down the waterslide with delight painted on her face and screams with joy as she was picking up speed just like any kid would do and was sliding fast. Every second of fun was recorded and captured by the GoPro given to her by her granddaughter in her left hand. The excitement and thrill was contagious as one watches her slid down with the rushing water. It was obvious how her waterslide went. “I don’t think I would be able to, I’m really scared!” the once terrified grandma said.

Everything was priceless, her reactions and screams. Seeing her slid down with no worries and her handling of the nerve so well. She yells out her enjoyment throughout the ride and before the slide ended, everyone could hear her “Oh My God” out of her mouth for the nth time. She ended the ride as she splashed into the water. Grandpa took her hand and got her up after she got a mouthful of water. How did she loved the ride? You can hear her say, “Oh God, it was fun!” after Grandpa took hold of her for Grandma to stand. Granddaughter’s insistence on getting her grandma on the waterslide definitely leaves her with no regrets.

Who says grandparents are no fun at all? No matter how old one is, the fun and adventure never stops. So stop staying inside your box. Go beyond your limits, go beyond what limits you to do so. Face your fears, and live your life to the fullest. You think it’s too late? I bet grandma would disagree on that.