50 Ways To Use Vaseline In Less Than 5 Minutes

Vaseline is a brand that has become a generic name for Petroleum Jelly.  This is known as a Generic Trademark.  Petroleum Jelly was discovered by a Brooklyn chemist Robert Augustus Cheeseborough when he first developed a natural remedy for skin abrasions in 1869. And now it has been widely used as a moisturizer and soothe the skin, it also became more popular when people discovered many uses of Vaseline that actually work compare to any expensive products which can also cause side effects.

One benefit of Vaseline is that it moisturizes the skin. Occlusive form a sealant that locks water into the skin, preventing dryness, says AcneGuide.com. It also helps your skin from dryness by preventing further water loss from the skin, allowing the skin to repair itself from within.

Another benefit it moisturizes the skin. Since Vaseline contain paraffin wax,  a treatment which are offered at different spas and salon, because it helps smoothed the hair and  the skin.

To know more about the amazing uses of Vaseline, watch this video below:

P.S  Petroleum jelly is far from the best product to soothe and heal dry skin. However, if you are allergic on this product, it is important to avoid further exposure to petroleum jelly and other skin products you are allergic to.