10 Signs You Have The Worlds Rarest Personality Type. Do YOU Have Any Of These Traits?

The Myers Briggs personality test is the most used method of deducing one's personality. This short exam consists of questions that help categorize a person's personality into one of 16 types. Out of all these personalities, one stands out - the INFJ personality type.

Possessed only by 2% of the entire world's population, people who have this personality type has contradictory characteristics while wanting to keep a low profile. You can tell a person falls into this personality category if he or she has most of the following signs:

1. They rely on gut-feeling and have a keen sense of intuition, but are able to think things through. They often make the correct decision since they possess both sides of the spectrum.

2. They plan ahead and carefully lay out a course for them to follow to reach their goal.

3.They always look for the truth and will rarely stop for anything when their curiosity is piqued. Once they begin an inquiry they'll see the answer through to the end.

4. They can "read" people's intentions and are very difficult to lie to.

5. They are natural-born comforters and can sympathize with anyone while being someone dependable to lean on in times of strife.

6. They often feel alone even in a group, since their train of thought usually operates on a much higher level

7. They can identify patterns with ease and can see the correlations of objects that seem like they would have no connections whatsoever.

8. They dislike being disagreed upon and will often avoid anyone who criticizes their methods. That's why they prefer small groups over large ones, since the latter has a fewer chance of arguments presenting itself.

9.They work hard at everything they do, often overdoing it and forgetting to rest every once in a while.

10. They write instead of talking. They would rather convey their thoughts in feelings in written form since they are more capable of expressing themselves through pen and paper rather than through conversations.