How Your Zodiac Sign Influences Your Solar Eclipse Experience

The solar eclipse falls in the range of the Leo Zodiac Sign (22 July to 22 August) last year. Leo, which is represented by a Lion, is the sign for exoticism and gilded royalty. During the eclipse, people will feel the urge to rise up and be heard, to take on an active role in whatever aspect of life they choose to excel in. The eclipse's energy will help people become more open about themselves but keeping enough tact so as to not insult other people's opinions.

But with the changes in the energy that the eclipse will bring, we must maintain proper balance so that we can use the power to improve ourselves. Even though the eclipse happens during the time of Leo, the other Zodiac signs must do their own special actions to get the most out of this event specially this year.

Aries: Learn to work together with other people better, but don't lose yourself in trying to adapt to other people's behaviors.

Taurus: Now is the time to be the most active. Immerse yourself in your goals and push harder than ever before. The energy from this eclipse will give you all the strength you need to accomplish your dreams.

Gemini: Share all that you have been holding up inside and be true to your own beliefs, but be mindful of other people's faith and opinions. Stand firm while also keeping your mind open to other possibilities.

Cancer: Keep things simple. Be direct and don't over embellish the facts. Simplicity is your key to a happier life during the effects of the eclipse.

Leo: There is no one path that does not have any disagreements. But that doesn't mean you can't look for the best solution to any problem. Simply look for the one that makes the most people happy and be ready to cooperate with other people to solve really difficult dilemmas.

Virgo: No two people are the same. But don't let the difference between you and other people hinder your growth. Understand that other people have different points of views and be sure to keep yourself open to their opinions.

Libra: Even though you might be the only one to believe in something, don't let go. Listen to your heart. If it tells you what you're doing is right, fight for it.

Scorpio: Know to be considerate even to your rivals. Even though you're all competing, it does not mean that you can't share their burdens every once in a while. Learn to feel their pains so that you can all grow stronger together.
Sagittarius: It's not the destination, but the journey. Don't lose sight of the lessons you learn from trying to reach your goal. Oftentimes the most important things are the ones we tend to overlook when we look too far off to the horizon.

Capricorn: Appearances can be deceiving. Learn to look at any situation from all possible perspectives before you judge it. There will always be something more that hides beneath the surface.

Aquarius: Keep yourself down to earth. Learn to be humble and contrite in every aspect in your life.

Pisces: Be wary of anyone who might take advantage of your trusting nature. Learn to believe in your own decisions and stand by them to the very end.