Mother Dies After Giving C-Section Birth To Twins Due To Infection On The Same Day As Boyfriend's Funeral

In 2017, 27 year old Stephanie Caceres was a normal mom, with a one year old daughter named Kailanie already in her care. As she was expecting to have twins, her boyfriend, Jevaughn Suckoo, was shot and killed on July 11, just 5 days before Stephanie gave birth.

As if that tragedy was not enough, Stephanie died of infection on her C-section delivery just 10 days after giving birth. Now, the Caceres and Suckoo families have to cope with the loss of their daughter and son and are seeking help to care for the 3 orphaned children.

Jevaughn's aunt, Joni Saunders regales how Stephanie was a hard working woman who took good care of her family. She goes on to say how Stephanie did everything she could to make sure her family would be taken care of, even taking her mother's diabetes problem as part of her responsibilities.

As such, the loss of her nephew and the mother of his children had dealt a devastating blow to their family.

The death of her nephew was caused by a gunshot wound. On July 11, Jevaughn was shot in their home by an unknown assailant. No arrests have yet been made as the identity of the perpetrator is still a mystery.

Stephanie worked at a pediatrician's office. And as her story was spread through social media, multiple donations have been coming into the office as a way to help the family take care of the orphaned children.

The influx of donations were so much that the office has started looking for additional storage locations since they were running out of room.

A GoFundMe page in their name has raised over $100,000 to ensure that the future of the Kailanie and her younger twin brother and sister are properly taken care of.