Couple Gave Up Hope On Aging Dog Lost In Mountains

After a nine month long disappearance following a hunting expedition in southwest Idaho, an elderly Chesapeake Bay Retriever with a formidable determination to survive was reunited with her owners.

Cindy and Darwin Cameron along with their faithful canine companion Mo took a trip to Horseshoe Bend in their RV. During this family vacation however, something terrible happened. Their darling dog suddenly ran into the woods and never returned. Not wanting to leave her behind, the couple spent three months searching the area but did not find any trace of their beloved dog. Their determination to find Mo began to diminish as winter began to peek around the corner and the heavy snows started to fall.

Ultimately, they had to go back home, and even though they would sometimes hear from someone that they found traces of their dog, they would turn out to be nothing more than speculation. So when Cheri Glankler contacted them on the final weeks of last month, their doubt was justifiable.

She told the Camerons that she had years of experience in rescuing dogs and that a nearby ranch in Horseshoe Bend, she saw an old Chesapeake Bay Retriever. She looked like she hadn't eaten for a long time and she was infected with ticks and fleas. That's when she knew that this dog was alone and that no one was taking care of her.

Glankler then went on a local Facebook page made for missing pets and posted the pictures she took of the lost retriever. Fortunately, the Camerons were able to find these pictures. The dog herself was so thin that it looked only half as big as Mo did when they lost her. So much so that she was almost a different dog. Nevertheless, the Camerons decided to go to Glankler's home to see whether she was indeed their long lost family member.
via: Facebook

They didn't hope for much however, as they had been disappointed by other claims before.

Due to the severe distress of being lost in the woods, Mo did not immediately approach her owners. But they were sure that it was her. When she suddenly raced after a squirrel, that confirmed that it was indeed their beloved family member, since Mo loved to chase after squirrels all the time.

The Camerons now have Mo safely back in their hands, and they can't thank all the people who helped them find their beloved dog enough for all their efforts.

"To the hunters who set aside their hunting vacations and to the sheriff's office who took time to look for our lost dog, we can't thank you enough for all you've done," Darwin said. "Man, are we lucky to have our beloved gal back."

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