This Plus Sized Teen Was Bullied, But She Proved Them Wrong By Becoming A Fitness Model

After being constantly made fun of for being overweight, the young Meghan Gilbert started going down a dangerous spiral of depression and anxiety. She was bullied so hard that she had to turn to drinking and drugs to numb the pain.

Just when all hope was lost, she fell into a short coma, staying unconscious for 36 hours straight after overdosing on sleeping pills. When she woke up, the first thing she saw was the tattoo she got just recently:

"Walk by faith, not by sight"

This stuck to her more than any advice she had gotten, and she made the simple choice of starting to love herself for who she is, and not let others decide how she should be. When she started working out to make herself healthier, she fell in love with the exercise regiment she was getting.

Since then, she has become a fitness model at the age of 21 for her friends and acquaintances, showing off her new and  confident self to the world. "It was difficult to start working out, but I just fell in love with the gym and the challenges it brought me." Meghan tells her followers. "Every time I hit a wall, I'd take it as a new test to ace, and I'd push myself because I believed I could do it"

Meghan Gilbert has turned her life around and she owes it all to the simple act of being happy with who you are and doing what's right for you.

"Strength is the reward of facing trials in life. There will be times when you feel like giving up, that everything in the world just seems to be against you. But those are the times you should stay strong and face those challenges head on. Because when you do, you'll find yourself a whole lot stronger at the end" Meghan Gilbert encourages her fans and followers.

"I started small, with 5lb dumb bells and now I've been able to lift 25lbs. I tell myself that I can do more and be more, and so I've become more. After all, God doesn't give us challenges that we can't take" Meghan says with utmost clarity to all the troubled youth who face the same things she used to face.