Meet The Woman Who Lives Together with Her Boyfriend and His Husband

For six years, Chris Brandt and his husband lived a happy life together. But after discussing things thoroughly with one another, they decided to make their relationship open. In comes Ms. Cait, a bisexual female who has fallen for Chris.

At first Matt (Chris' husband) was opposed to the idea of having to share his husband with someone else, let alone a woman. Even after meeting his husband's girlfriend, Cait, Matt was reluctant to open up to her.

But since he loved his husband and would do anything for him, he decided to give it a chance. It started slow, with Cait coming over to their house once every week. But after seven to eight months, Cait had become part of their home.

The trio have now become a 'throuple' (a word formed by mashing the words "three" and "couple" together) and live happily together for two years in a one bedroom apartment.

While Chris and Cait have identified themselves to be bisexual, Matt has stated that he is a bit different, calling himself a homoflexible. That basically means that he can have sex with both men and women but have a heavy preference towards men.

Matt goes on to say that his change in sexual preference was brought upon by the realization that a woman is just another person who you can connect with, no matter what genitalia they have. They're a soul inside a vessel, and to him, there really is no difference.

As for Cait, she was also doubtful that the whole "throuple" thing would work. The main thing bothering her was that she was a bit jealous that she had to share her time with Chris with his husband, Matt. It was especially hard for her to try and find her place in an already strong relationship.

However, with love being one of the strongest bonds of all, the trio have been happily living together for 2 years now and are even thinking about adopting children to form their own special family.