10 Warning Signs You’re Dealing With An Evil Person

Morality is a difficult concept. What might be wrong to you might be right to someone else. That’s why it has always been a touchy subject, and will continue to be so long as there are differences in opinions in life.

But one thing is for sure though. There is such a thing as evil, and there is no mistaking an evil act , no matter who you ask. That’s why when you see an “evil” person, you’ll just get a feeling. You might not know why you can tell, but you just know.

Fortunately, experts in the field of psychology have banded together and found out these 10 signs that a person is evil. If anyone you know or have met have most of these qualities, then I suggest you break off all ties immediately.

1. They lie. Almost all of the time.
Lies are part of life. No one has ever not told a lie. It would be a lie to say so. But evil people lie constantly and show no remorse whatsoever. It’s like they’re convinced that what they’re saying is the truth but also simultaneously laughing deep inside at how stupid you are for believing them.

Most people lie to not hurt someone else’s feelings, or to get out of trouble. But when an evil person lies, it’s to serve their own purposes. These can range from manipulation to willful intent to cause harm to another person.

Evil people get a kick out of lying, that’s that.

2. They need to be in control.
When a person is called into a position of power, most normal people would do so because they were either forced to or they felt like they had the specific skill set to become effective for the role.

Evil people do not have these thoughts. They want to be the leader not to lead, but to control.

They will forcefully push themselves into the seat of responsibility since they know it has power. And that power is alluring to them. If they do not get their way, then they will do any means necessary to make sure that they can control you.
You might not see the methods all too clearly, since some evil people are clever as well. But rest assured, if a person seems to be telling you how to live your life constantly and consistently, then there is a high chance that an evil person is controlling your life.

3. You get a weird feeling when you’re around them.
You know the feeling. You’re just minding your own business and then suddenly, a chill runs up your spine, and next thing you know it, there he/she is. Just standing there smiling.

People have always thought that we had a sort of energy around us, and it reflects what we are inside and it affects others. So when an evil person comes near you, you’ll feel that energy close by, and it’s sure as heck not pleasant.

One could also attribute this so-called “sixth sense” to the survivability instinct we inherited from our ancestors. When that gut feeling was the difference between a near miss or certain death.

When there’s the danger of an evil person near you, your body will react and make you feel uncomfortable. That’s a sure sign that you should high tail it out of there.

4.They find joy in other’s misfortunes
A normal person would feel sympathetic to a man who had lost his job, or a woman who was just cheated on. An evil person would grab some popcorn and watch someone’s misery as if it was a grade A comedy.

They enjoy the torment that befalls others, mainly because they feel like they are superior, and that the poor sap had it coming.

But to enjoy something bad happening to others is one thing, an evil person wants to play the part. They will actively try to cause misfortune so that they can laugh about it. Keep away from these people, unless you want to be a subject of their twisted entertainment.

5.They will lead you on and around in circles.
I mentioned before that evil people have a thing about control, and what better way to showcase that so called “talent” than by misleading others?

If they are successful in their trickery, and that they can confirm for themselves that they can easily manipulate you and others to do things that they want you to do, they will find joy in the entirety of the situation.

So if you feel like you’ve been lead to constant dead ends, stop believing the person leading you. Chances are he’s just an evil individual who does this for the fun of it, not to help you at all.